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Successful Outcomes By Affiliation

No matter how strong you are mentally, who you are around, and who you allow in your life, determines your path and results.

How and why is that?

I’ve never really though about it until the last year, but it makes perfect sense. You have to view as if it were a spectrum.

When I was down in life and in business, it wasn’t until I made changes that I become happier, more confident and ultimately more successful.

Think about this for a moment.

Remember a time when you were down in the dumps. Maybe in life and/or in business. What type of people were you around? What type of people were present inside your circle?

Now flash forward to a successful time and think again, who were you around? What did the people act like that were in your life during this time of success?

It seems to me that if you a successful outcome, in any situation or circumstance, you must first find it in you to identify a change has to be made.

What you become is a result of changes you’ve made or experienced.

If you’re not where you want to be just yet, change the crew or clique you hang around. Dare to be different. Associate yourself with people who will lift you up if you fall, catch you if you stumble and will pat you on the back without any selfish intentions when you succeed.

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Declaring Your Success

Over the last couple of years, I’ve tried to transform and optimize myself so that I can perform in life and in business at the most absolute highest of levels. While some people may find what I’m about to tell you a bit cheesy, this is something that has worked for me and it can work for you. I know this because I’ve taught to countless Entrepreneurs and not once have any of them experienced anything less than positive feelings. Some of the world’s most successful Athletes, Entrepreneur’s and Politicians use this same technique as well.

Declaring Your Success

If you have a dream and believe in it, then there really is no point in ridiculing this. Just as I believe in my own  dreams and goals, I also believe in positive reinforcement and the power of visualization. For me, having a photographic memory has really pushed me harder towards optimizing my visualization techniques. Here are a few ways I declare my success every morning:

  • I enjoy every day on this earth
  • I am clear-headed and focused
  • I am highly organized
  • I strive to help others
  • I live for being useful
  • I’m always happy
  • I try to maintain a relaxed sense of being
  • I’m the master of my own mind
  • I absolutely love my work

Of course, if you’re a hardcore type of person, you can always go by Kenny Powers motto – “I’m a fucking champion.”

Every morning from this day forward, when you wake up, try visualizing and attaining your goals in your mind first. Come back to this post next week and tell me how you feel. I will almost guarantee that you will feel more confident about yourself, achieving your goals and you will be a lot happier and even more motivated. :-)

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The Secret To Making Money Online

Too bad, there isn’t one.

I wish I had quarter for every time over the last 5 years someone has asked me the secret to making money online.

If there is one, I don’t think I would like to discover it now anyway. If I could find it, so could others, then where would we all be?

Making money online is actually a puzzle. You can’t put a puzzle together with just one piece. It takes many.  You also can’t put a puzzle together in just one setting. Meaning, it often takes a few times of getting up and doing something else to complete a hard section of the puzzle. Let’s add on that you won’t put every piece of the puzzle correctly in the same place every time. Perfection doesn’t exist.

The real secret is to layout out your puzzle (foundation) and get started by studying each section (your road map) and then once you have a pretty good feel for the pieces (your plan) you can begin putting pieces of the puzzle together (taking action).

You will see that you won’t get each piece right the first time (testing) but when you keep at it, you’ll eventually get the piece to fit (profit). Once you repeat the same process for each piece (your pattern), you will see what works (repetition) more and more. Once you know what works (your strategy), you will have the knowledge and skills to finish the puzzle (success).

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17 Objective Things Successful People Do

I originally caught this article “17 Counterintuitive Things Most People Do” on Forbes and the first line of the article from Jason Nazar (CEO of Docstoc) says:

You’re always going to get the same results, doing what everyone else does.  Sometimes you have to know when to zig where others zag.

It seems all so simple, yet has a very under-valued sentiment to it. I’ve seen this time and time again from Entrepreneurs whom I’ve coached over the last half decade. Originality really does pay off.

After reading the article yesterday, I got to Googling around and then came across an infographic from Rodamarketing which put these 17 Counterintuitive things most successful people do into a an easy to print out visualization. I printed this out and put it on the tack-board to refer back throughout my day and thought you Grinders would find it helpful too.

So from the CEO of Docstoc and Rodamarketing comes a very helpful set of philosophies most successful people do:

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How To Rock Your Social Media Strategy In Just 30 Minutes A Day

With the amount of social networks popping up (literally monthly), you might find it hard to keep up with who is good, who isn’t and maybe just finding the time to share your content on each one.

A winning social media strategy is all about working smarter, not harder. Unless you are an enterprise level company, all you need to truly rock your social media is 30 minutes a day.

From Pardot, comes an easy to use infographic (Print this out, I did!) to help you determine which tasks are most important, and how much time you should ideally be dedicating to each of your social channels. Your strategy will likely differ (and should!) slightly from the infographic below, but the import thing is to identify your key channels, plan for a set number of tasks, and allot yourself a set period of time and stick to it! Let’s take a look:

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37 Dead-Simple Ways To Kick Ass On LinkedIn

In case you didn’t already know, LinkedIn is my favorite social network, business network and most resourceful tool online. I have built all of my businesses based on relationships and much of that can be attributed to LinkedIn over the past 24 months. They recently crossed the 200+ Million member mark and are growing rapidly. It’s by far the most valuable asset I’ve ever used online as an Entrepreneur. If you’re not using it, you really are missing out.

Staying active on LinkedIn is incredibly simple. You probably spend a shit load of wasted time on Facebook talking about meaningless shit (I Do!). I’ve always said that in business, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. I meet new people everyday on LinkedIn. I meet new clients as well. To be honest, I don’t spend much time on there building new relationships.

Here is an awesome, quick and easy to to do list that will have you kicking ass on LinkedIn in no time:

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Presentation – 15 Great Mobile Landing Page Tips

Optimising desktop landing pages is a tricky business, as you need to make sure all the most alluring content is visible along with a clear call-to-action.

These problems are obviously magnified on a smartphone screen as you’ve got to cram everything into a space just two inches by three inches.

It’s time to dramatically change how you’re doing marketing. Smartphone use has created a lasting change in consumer behavior that’s driving or influencing many purchases.

View the Slideshare Presentation below for 15 great mobile landing page tips.

15 Mobile Landing Page Tips from Ralph Ruckman

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